Educator Workshops


Calling all Educators!!

Are you looking for new innovative instructional strategies to reach your students?  Our Educator Workshops are designed with you in mind. These workshops target research based instructional practices designed to improve student achievement and support social and emotional learning. Come with an open mind, expecting high energy, hands-on, interactive and innovative learning. Through this partnership, you will be equipped with the strategies and materials needed for immediate implementation and academic success. Come join the fun!


Instructional Coaching & Practicum Experiences

Instructional Coaching & Practicum Experiences will provide educators, community members and parents the opportunity to apply instructional strategies with the support, guidance and coaching of an educational expert.



Academic & Cultural Fieldwork

Our Academic and Cultural Fieldwork Experiences enable participants to explore how academics connect to the real world through exciting field trips and cultural exchange opportunities designed to build the cultural capital of all participates through the validation and affirmation of cultural and linguistic similarities and differences.

Parent & Community Workshops


Welcome Parents and Community Members!

Academics 360 is dedicated to providing high quality learning opportunities for Parent and Community members designed to provide academic, social and parenting strategies needed to improve the academic success of the students in their homes and communities. Our goal is to provide parents and community members with high quality, research based techniques and strategies to improve the academic, social and emotional development of students.



Ready to schedule?

We are here to meet your needs! Please feel free to reach out and we will tailor our support to meet the specific needs of your school, community or household.