Core Value # 1

The power of some is greater than the power of one!

Through school, parent and community partnerships students can achieve more.

Core Value #2

Effective instruction is key for student achievement.

Core Value # 3

Cultural capital is essential for success!

Cultural experiences and opportunities are key to developing students who can successfully navigate society and are globally minded.


Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that student achievement is dependent upon the partnerships of key stakeholders; educators, parent and community members.

Student success is largely determined by the following components:

  • Effective parent, school and community relationships dedicated to student success.
  • Access to high quality and rigorous learning opportunities.
  • Effective development of cultural capital.

Our goal is to build the instructional capacity of the adults responsible for student academic achievement! 

Our Story

Meet the Founders

We are committed to ensuring student success through building the instructional capacity of educators, parents and community!


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use the change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

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Khristina Goady



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